Why Choose Us?

Top 5 Reasons to Choose XDL

We’ll advise you thoroughly, and make customer-specific precision parts out of high-performance ceramics in unit quantities as low as one. With our innovative manufacturing processes, we always offer top efficiency and product quality.
2Prototypes and small runs
We can make small and moderate runs economically. Our quality according to ISO9001 quality management system for long-term quality assurance.
3A broad range of uses
Our high-performance ceramics feature high strength, hardness, thermal and chemical resistance, and high electrical resistance. We are at home in industry, medicine and research and development.
4Customer consultation and 10 years of expertise
XDL Special Ceramics is a successful, steadily growing high-tech company. We offer  a high level of solution-focused consulting and the best possible product quality using high-performance ceramics for individual applications.
5Special materials
Our special materials include high-performance non-oxide ceramics like silicon nitride (Si3N4), silicon carbide (SSiC) with free (SiSiC) or without free silicon ( SSic), boron nitride, steatite ceramic, cordierite ceramic and mullite ceramic. These let us meet extreme performance profiles, like maximum wear resistance or good heat conductivity.