Xindelong Ceramics is a company dedicated to the engineering of technical ceramics and high precision advanced ceramics.

For over ten years, Xindelong Ceramics has dedicated in manufacturing and processing precision parts/components with a wide range of products and services covering high precision ceramics and high performance ceramics, such as machinery ceramic parts/components, textile ceramic parts, electronic ceramics parts, engineered ceramic components, pump components, valve components, flow components, wear components, corrosion resistant ceramic parts, high temperature ceramic parts, welding ceramic parts, ceramic parts for semiconductor etc.
The materials is including alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, mullite, cordierite and steatite and so on. The markets we serve are wide and diverse; from machinery and aerospace through to electronics and energy power generation. And based on technical knowledge - over ten years of it in fact - our reputation as a solution provider is also well charted and highly respected.
Xindelong Ceramics has extensive in-house machining facilities - including CNC machines,axis machining centers, drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, sawing, tapping, threading and turning - to enable us to manufacture technical ceramic components to the highest specifications.
A fully controlled inspection facility with co-ordinated measurement system accurate to 0.01mm is also in operation to ensure that our rigorous quality standards are mai
ntained at all times.
Xindelong ceramics operates to the very highest quality standards and holds ISO9001 Certification.



Ever since establishment, Xindelong Ceramic takes “Prevailing Quality, Supreme Services and Prompt Delivery” as the company creed and is highly appraised and supported by cooperating businesses for years. We are most thankful for the friendly support and hoping to continuously receive advises, support and encouragement from you all.